Natural Luxury Juniperberry Floral Water

Natural Luxury Juniperberry Floral Water

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Juniperberry Floral water

Our unique extraction method enables us to obtain a floral water that is particularly rich in active ingredients, making it a naturally powerful formula. With its fresh, delicate scent, our floral water helps to combat dehydration and regenerate the skin.

Skin detoxifying and toxin cleansing, making Juniper berry ideal for sluggish skin.

Juniperberry Water is a reviving water that kick starts and revives, helping to eliminate toxins and build-up from the skin to revive and rejuvenate your complexion.

Juniperberry is mainly used for its detoxifying action on the body and the skin.

This makes Juniperberry ideal for sluggish and dull looking skin.

Juniperberry combined beautifully with other floral waters (an ideal candidate would be Orange water), to make very powerful skincare solutions.



Linalool (Alcohol), Borneone, Camphor, Cineole (Ketones), Methylchavicol, Eugeneol (Phenols), Ocimene, Pinene, Slyvestrene (Terpenes).