We find ourselves in the most unprecedented of times at the moment. Never could anyone have anticipated the effect and the repercussions that this virus could have had on British society as a whole.

With this comes a need for change, a need for optimism and a need for an increased understanding of personal hygiene. The need to wash your hands, regularly and properly, has never been as high. It is more important than ever to ensure that you and those around you are keeping high levels of personal hygiene at all times.

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Soho Soaps Products

Supporting Hygiene and your Brand

Choosing a brand that has both a moral and personal, activist stance on cleanliness on the front line of its ethos is vital. Here at Soho Soaps Company, Not only are our products good for your skin, they’re also good for the environment - eliminating the risk of releasing parabens and other nasties into the water systems. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping high levels of personal hygiene through this crisis - and supporting a brand such as yours along the way.

We have spent time over the last few years and months building up solid relationships with a whole range of charities and schools, providing our products with their logo on it- and helping them raise money through the sales of  our products. Our goal is simple - to ensure that what we do not only does good for the environment in the wider sense, but for the environment that we live in. Our products are a necessity - it is necessary to wash your hands on a regular basis. It is necessary to ensure that you use products that aren’t drying or damaging to the skin.

For further information, please feel free to get in touch with me on 07970 536343 or email I will be happy to discuss any thoughts or queries you may have. Soho Soap Company, bar not bottle, all natural, all nourishing, all cruelty free.