Lavender Bath Bomb

Lavender Bath Bomb

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Made with Lavender oil and Stress Away essential oil, our new essential oil bath bombs are a fun, fizzy way to unwind. We’ve used two of our most popular calming essential oils to create these relaxing bath bombs and filled them with nourishing ingredients and no unwanted additives.

Lavender essential oil—renowned for its soothing and calming aroma—makes the Lavender Calming Bath Bomb perfect for unwinding after a long day, while the Stress Relaxing Bath Bomb is a special treat.

Allergens: None.
Bath Bomb Weight: 200g Approx
Vegan: Yes
Palm Oil Free: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes
Cruelty Free: Yes
CPNP Reference: 1473367/1473469/1548768/1473323

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