Coconut Shampoo – For Silky Coats

Coconut Shampoo – For Silky Coats

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Improves silky coats – Suitable for all Breeds
Soho Soaps‘coconut’ Shampoo is specifically designed for silky coats, but can be used as a General Purpose. The coconut provides a subtle fragrance as it gently cleanses and conditions for a softer, smoother finish on long silky and fine coats.

It has a dilution rate of up to 10:1

Our shampoo and conditioner range is a unique collection of products which promote a fantastic looking coat, whilst ensuring active care and protection for your dogs’ skin and fur. All of Soho Soaps shampoos and conditioners are made in the UK and are manufactured with natural oils and essences, this means that it won’t strip a dogs’ coat of the natural oils needed to protect it.