Which Products Should I use

At Soho Soap Company we stock a variety of Natural Shampoos and Conditioners for many different hair types and conditions. Follow our Guide below to get the right Shampoo and Conditioner to suit your hair type.

Coloured Hair Types

Aloe & Chamomile Shampoos

Normal Hair Types

Mint, Lavender, Rose, Mandarin, Sakura & Lemon & Ginger Shampoos

Oily Roots

Jasmine Shampoo

Dry Hair

Coconut Shampoo


Ocean Shampoo

Thinning Hair

Cinnamon Shampoo

Sensitive Scalps

Tea Tree Shampoo

For Men

Charcoal, Mint & Tea tree Shampoos

Moisturising, Nourishing and Smoothing Conditioners

Aloe, Lavender and Jasmine Conditioners